You may not believe it, but feet are extremely important in our lives. You may wear slippers or shoes around the house and other areas, but what feels the best is to kick off your shoes and walk around with nothing constricting our two very important friends. But our freedom to do so is restricted and silenced one too many times because of the smallest things. You may have a wet floor, a cold floor, a slippery floor, and a somewhat dirty yet hard to clean floor.

Now the one solution would be to get a mat, but most mats that we like are hard to clean. They get dirty and they change color. They collect mold after being wet for long periods of time and become more of a pain in the long run as opposed to a solution.

That being said, the Soltech TubeMat is a viable solution where those things won’t affect you. The multi-purpose & multi-surface nature of our mats shine in most places. The design is made to allow easy cleaning, easy connecting, easy customizing, easy placement, anti-bacterial, and more. It’s even easy on the eyes. Take a look at one today!

If you’d like, we’ll even send you a free swatch so that you can grab an idea of what our mats feel like.

Would you like a Swatch sample of the TubeMat?


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