Introducing Our Brand New Samsung Wisenet IP Camera, the SNH-C6417BN

Wow, it is August already… With a new month beginning, you guys know what that means! A new item in our sacred inventory.

For those who have been following our line of IP cameras should be very excited to hear of what we have in stock today. Recently, we have received our brand new Samsung Wisenet IP camera, the SNH-C6417BN. From the moment I unwrapped the box to this item, I was happy to see that the SNH-C6417 came out to be very, very, aesthetically pleasing. With a sparkling coat of white, it somewhat felt like I was looking at a bride on her wedding day. However, with all brides to their wedding, the groom didn’t just propose for the outer appearances of the bride, but most importantly, for their personalities! The same could go in regards to the SNH-C6417BN. Not only is the appearance of this new camera so captivating, but what the SNH-C6417BN has to offer in regards to functionality makes this camera so much more special.


Functionality and Key Features

Just like our other IP cameras, one thing that I very much appreciated with the SNH-C6417BN was the simple and quick setup. By downloading the free Samsung SmartCam App, the setup was very easy due to the setup guide the App provides. Not to mention, with all cameras, the most important feature a camera must have is a great resolution. But why worry when the SNH-C6417BN is already included with a great high quality resolution. With a 1080p Full HD video quality, it will deliver a crisp and clear viewing experience. Speaking of crisp and clear viewing experience, one feature that really caught my attention of the SNH-C6417 was the Light Enhancing feature. What this does is allow the camera lens to adjust accordingly to dark areas and bright areas. By illuminating the dark areas in its field of vision while maintaining the quality of the brighter areas, this will allow a significant balance when viewing your feed in the dark. A few other key features that I would like to mention about this camera is the Advanced Motion & Audio Detection, Motion Zone Select, and the Two-Way Talk. The Motion & Audio Detection is a way your camera can alert you when an unexpected movement has occurred. For example, someone breaking inside your house, children running around, or pets wandering in non-safe territories of the house. This feature is a great way to have you safe, your family safe, and your pets safe at all times.  The Motion Zone Select is a feature that lets you select certain areas of your home to be alerted of any activity. By simply drawing a box around the regions of your screen, the camera will alert you if any suspicious activities were to happen. Lastly, the Two-Way Talk feature is a must have feature in every security camera. By hearing what is happening around your camera, it will allow you to know if your kids are crying, if someone walks in your house, or if anything were to break near your camera.

Box included: IP Camera, Adapter, Mounting tool

Personal Opinion

Personally, I think this camera is great! When testing the unit out myself, I didn’t seem to find any major flaws. Also, for the price listed as $129 currently, I pretty much think that it is a steal for what the camera can provide. Well, that is all for this month’s new addition, and as ALWAYS, feel free to comment or ask any questions down below.  I thank you for reading our blog, and I hope we get something special for our next month’s article.



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