Is Our Brand New Samsung Wisenet Baby Monitor (SEW-3057W) Right For You?

Hello Everyone,

As the new month of May begins, we are excited to share some information of our latest Samsung Wisenet Baby Monitor, the SEW-3057W.

Usually, I go right into the specs and features, however, in this month’s article, I decided to answer some great questions I have received from customers and soon-to-be mothers.



Q: What are the improvements between the SEW-3057W and your older baby monitor.

A: The improvements that Samsung Wisenet has made with the SEW-3057W are staggering. Like any other electronic devices, there were characteristics of the SEW-3043W that didn’t seem to hold up in terms of longevity; such as the battery not charging well or the battery dying quickly. Also, we had complaints with the SEW-3043W that the touchscreen for the monitor either had a delay, or that people had to press on the touchscreen as if they were shoving in a thumbtack into a dry wall. But, with Samsung’s open ears and the will to improve, I can definitely say that when testing out the product myself, I had no problems regards to both complaints.

When charging the unit and the battery itself, I didn’t seem to have any problems. Nevertheless, keep in mind that I have been using this unit for about two months now so I can’t really tell you what’s going to happen in the next 5 months, but I will keep you guys updated. However, so far, so good. One thing that I wish Samsung can improve on is the battery life of the unit. Although lasting for 4 hours, it can be nice for a baby monitor to go on for about 6-8 hours max when wireless, but that’s just my personal opinion.

In regards to the touchscreen of the monitor, this I can say Samsung Wisenet has improved tremendously on. A slight tap will do on the touchscreen in order to navigate through the monitor or control the camera. Also, there were no delays to the touchscreen so I give that a two thumbs up!



Q: When trying to purchase your new baby monitor, I see three kinds… There is a SEW-3053W, SEW-3055W, and SEW-3057W. I’m confused of which one to buy.

Picture of PREMIUM SEW-3057W Sensor with montor 

A: Yes, we do have three kinds. However, although the baby monitor and the camera itself are the same, the SEW-3055W and the SEW-3057W have additional equipment included. To begin, the SEW-3053W is equipped with just the standard Baby Monitor and the Baby Camera. The SEW-3055W on the other hand is included with the brand new BabyView Watch. This brand new BabyView Watch is used for the convenience of parents to let them know when their baby is crying by the connection of Bluetooth between the camera and the watch. Because the camera has a Two-Way Talk with a built in microphone, it can detect when a baby is crying. This will immediately send a vibration alert to the watch so you will be more alert to know when your baby needs care. In addition, the BabyView Watch is IP65, meaning it is waterproof, so no need to feel anxious or worried when taking a shower or going for a dip in the pool.

Lastly, the SEW-3057W is the premium Baby Monitor you can purchase. It is included with the standard Baby Monitor and Baby Camera, alongside the BabyView Watch and an additional BabyView Environment Monitoring Sensor. When describing the Monitoring Sensor, the sensor provides users with a temperature, humidity, and air quality alerts. You can set each sensor to the perfect condition so you know your baby is kept in a well-balanced room (For Example: Temperature at 74 degrees, Humidity at 55%, and Dust Concentration alert on for Bad Conditions).



Q: Will I receive warranty for this item?

A: Yes! Samsung Wisenet will provide all customers with a 1-year Warranty Claim if the product is new. In addition, keep in mind that we at Soltech Security will provide a 60 day return/replacement policy as well, so if anything were to go wrong, please feel free to contact us.



Q: I have the SEW-3043 Baby Camera. Would that be compatible with the SEW-3057 Baby Monitor?

Both models are compatible with New BabyView: SEW-3053 / SEW-3055 / SEW-3057

A: Awesome question! Yes, the SEP-1003R will be compatible with the new Samsung Baby Monitor that comes with the SEW-3057W. However, for those who have the SEP-1001R from the SEW-3041, unfortunately, those Baby Cameras will not be compatible.

Those are all the questions for this month’s article, but as always, feel free to contact us if you guys have any questions or concerns remaining.  We hope that this has helped you guys to decide if the SEW-3057W is right for you.




Thank you!


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