Life Is Good with the Latest LG Smart Security Hub – LHC5200WI

For years, LG has long stood for their endless achievements in innovative technology.  By continuously updating and upgrading their latest products, it gives us another reason as to why we are excited to share what we have in stock today.

Introducing the latest addition to our family of smart security hub— the LHC5200WI. Before I get into the specs and features, I want to first go ahead and talk about the size and exterior of the hub.



Size, Shape, and Color


When I first opened the box to this item, the exact words that came out of my mouth was— “Whoa”.  The LHC5200WI has a stunning glossy black color, with a remarkable, pleasing to the eye silhouette. Sort of like a UFO saucer sitting comfortably in the palm of your hands. It is fairly light, weighing in at about .8 lbs. and the dimension of the camera is 5 inches in radius followed by 3.4 inches in height.  Not too shabby for a smart security hub.


Specs and Features

As far as specs and features go, this hub is pretty much on point as to what a smart security hub should provide.

A list of features that would be included:

  • 5MP Full HD (1920 x 1080p Resolution)
  • A Wide Angle Field of View of 130°
  • Night Vision up to 15ft
  • Email Alerts and Push Notification
  • Built in Microphone and Speaker for a 2-Way Talk
  • Temperature, Humidity, and Tampering Sensor
  • Built-In Siren
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Ready
  • ADT Canopy 24 –Hour Monitoring Service (2month free trial; Monthly subscription is not required to view live feed)



Testing out the Features

When testing out the features, I was very, very pleased with everything. One thing that I can emphasize on, which I am not too proud of, is that I have a profoundly low patience when it comes to technology. However, with the LHC5200WI, the set-up was quick and extremely easy, as long as you follow the 4-step manual guide thoroughly (Which I will be sharing in this post). Using the ADT Canopy App, I got my phone connected to the hub and it was smooth sailing from there.


Although it was mentioned that the hub had a 5-megapixel lens, I was somewhat doubtful of what the camera resolution was going to turn out to be. But, once I saw the feed through my phone, I was utterly surprised as to how clear the resolution was.  Even when zooming in fully, I was able to see everything quite visibly (E.G. Like how I saw the coffee stain on my brother’s shirt from 30 feet away), which was a well-deserved thumbs up. In addition, with the built-in wide-angle view of 130°, it comes in very handy to see everything especially when you’re not around.

Speaking of when no one’s around, when testing out the night vision on the LHC5200WI, let’s just say I got want I wanted. I was able to see in the dark without any problem. With the LHC5200WI having a 15 ft. distance in night vision, it was great for a decent sized living room.


Automate your life

Lastly, one of the benefits that stood out to me personally was the ability to add devices to the security camera. With the use of IFTTT, not only can different phones, tablets, or laptops be connected all at once, it can correspondingly allow devices such as light bulbs, locks, outlets, sensors, and thermostats to be connected  as well so you can wirelessly control them (E.G: Control and dim your lights from your phone or tablet, Remotely check the door lock status and lock or unlock the door from your phone or tablet, Remotely monitor any door or window and be notified when they are opened)



Pros and Cons

There were many features that I enjoyed when testing out the LHC5200WI and there were some factors that I wasn’t too much of a fan of. Regarding what I enjoyed, I very much admired the hub camera quality. The quality that I received through my phone from the hub was, in my opinion, somewhat close to perfect. There is a half-second lag time, but nothing crazy enough for you to miss anything. In addition, the design of the camera/hub was something that caught my eye to begin with.  Like how I mentioned earlier, the LHC5200WI looks somewhat like a miniature spaceship, which I thought was appealing. Lastly, I very much appreciated the functionality of the LHC5200WI itself. When testing out the LHC5200WI, I received little to no problems with the device. Which is something everybody desires. When speaking of the factors that I didn’t like or enjoy, I would first begin with the notifications that I received. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but, if you were to have any kids or pets, just make sure to have the camera in a place where they can’t touch it, or else you will probably receive endless tampering notifications. Another factor that bothered me was the fact that this hub is not technically wireless. Although it provides you with a 10 feet length cable to attach to the hub and outlet, I wish it was wireless so I had more options of where to place the camera. Other than that, I believe the LHC5200WI is worth the price of $199 and I would definitely recommend people to purchase this Security camera/hub.

As always, you are more than welcome to ask any questions or concerns, and we thank you for participating in our blogs.

Best Regards,

Soltech Security


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