How do I know which security system is right for me?

If you’ve happened to stumble on our website because you were in the market for a security system and you’re not quite sure where to begin, then this blog post is made just for you.

High definition vs. Standard Definition Security Systems

As of right now you can choose between a HD security system and a SD (analog) security system. Before diving straight into it all, below is a list of our most popular security systems as of right now:

  1. SDH-C75100
  2. SDH-C75080 / SDH-C74040 / SDH-B73040
  3. SDS-P5102 / SDS-P5102NF
  4. SDS-P5122NW

Now I know that just by glancing at all these model numbers it can get a bit confusing especially if you’re not familiar with Samsung security systems. The first two are obviously the HD systems, hence the “SDH”, while the last two are SD systems. The HD systems have always been the more popular option among our customers, so it’s no surprise that the new SDH series are our best selling security systems.

We have a post that goes further into detail about these systems that you can read here. But to go over them briefly, SDH-C75100 is by far the most popular option for our customers. This 16 channel system comes with 10 cameras and for the first time all of the cameras are 1080p, so you will be getting the best quality with any of the new systems.

Onto the next popular systems, which are SDS-P5102, SDS-P5102NF and SDS-P5122NW.

These systems come with standard definition cameras, but the quality is still pretty good (720p). The difference between SDS-P5102 and SDS-P5102NF is that the latter comes with 16 cameras while the SDS-P5102 comes with 10. Below is an example of the difference between the SD cameras and the HD cameras:

Screen Monitor
Comparison of various BNC cameras in high and standard definition.

Just by looking at the pictures, could you guess which image is from the SD camera and which is from the HD camera?

The top two images are both cameras that come with the new HD systems. SDC-7340 is the 720TVL standard definition camera and the SDC-8440 comes with some of the 720p HD systems (SDH-B3040 & SDH-C5100).

Some people may not be able to tell too much of a difference between the quality of the cameras and as a result end up choosing the standard definition system over the new HD systems. This really comes down to what you’re going to be monitoring and how much detail and quality you need in your footage.

Additionally, both SDS-P5102 and SDS-P5102NF come with a WiFi adapter, which is also a reason as to why they’re so popular among our customers. A WiFi adapter is extremely useful when you are purchasing one of these security systems since it allows for you to view the cameras through your phone. As long as your DVR is connected to the Internet, either through a Wi-Fi adapter or an Ethernet cord, you will be able to view your footage through your phone. Having a Wi-Fi adapter is useful if your router isn’t close to your DVR, but still need that connection.

Hard Drive Capacity

Another really important feature to look out for is the hard drive capacity of your security system. With these Samsung systems you can either have it set to continuous recording or just have it record based on motion detection. Once your hard drive becomes full it will overwrite the older footage and if you have your system set to continuous recording then you can image how fast you will go through your storage. The current systems that are available on our website range from 500GB to 2TB. If you’re someone who finds that they may not need as much hard drive space and where standard definition quality is sufficient, then one of our older models may be the right fit for you (SDS-P3042, SDS-P3022, etc).

Number of Channels & Cameras

With each type you can choose whether or not you want 16, 8 or 4 channels for your system. When talking about channels, this simply means that a 16 channel security system has the capability to support up to 16 cameras and an 8 channel security system has the capability for up to 8 and so forth. However, this does not mean that if you purchase a 16 channel system that it will come with 16 cameras. Depending on the model number it can come with 8 or 10, it really depends. So it’s important to keep in mind roughly how many cameras you will need for surveillance and if you may need more in the future.

Additionally, if you plan to place some of your cameras outside you definitely want to make sure that the system you are purchasing is IP66 weather resistant and has good night vision. Luckily, all our systems that we sell come with IP66 weather resistant cameras and night vision.

Wireless vs. Wired

A common question we get asked is if the cameras that come with the system are wireless, but in fact they are all wired. If you’re looking to monitor your home and want a more reliable camera with better quality, then wired cameras are a far better option for you. Wired cameras are also a better investment since they will generally last longer than your wireless cameras. However, the only thing to consider with wired cameras is the wiring and how you’re going to be install and run them throughout your home.

So there you have it! These are the 4 things that you should definitely consider first before diving in and figuring out which security system would be right for you. Once you find time to think about these 4 features, picking out a security system will be that much easier for you. Hopefully this was of some help and as always please leave any questions or concerns in the comments section below!

Best regards,
Soltech Security



3 thoughts on “How do I know which security system is right for me?

  1. Contact me regarding the Samsung Security All-In-One Security System Cameras, DVR Model SDR-B74301, Kit Model SDH-B74041SDH-B74081. I am interested in purchasing 4 cameras with connections to the kit. Email me at:

  2. Hi my name is Mike, I am considering between the two systems that Samsung has available that is in my price range but I do not know the difference between the C75100 and the C75080, could you please help with this?

    1. Hi Mike!
      I’d be more than happy to help. It’s really funny because the two systems are completely the same except for the different of two cameras.
      It’s an odd design of how the product was arranged but that is the only difference.

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