Q&A: Newly-released Samsung 1080P Full HD Security Camera Systems

Below are common questions we have received from our customers regarding the newly-released Samsung 1080P Full HD systems–SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-C74040, SDH-B73040 and SDH-B73020. Please feel free to use this as a reference 😀

Q. Do the cameras come with Night Vision and can they be used outdoors?
A. Yes, the cameras (SDC-9441BC) have a Night Vision of 82ft and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Q. Do we have access to the cameras via phone?
A. Yes, but the DVR needs to be connected to the Internet in order for you to view them through your phone. You can either: A) connect the Ethernet cord to your router, or B) use a compatible Wi-Fi Adapter (Model #: SEA-W01ACN) to allow the DVR to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Q. Which cameras can I use with these newly-released systems?
A. You can use the following list of Samsung cameras (not limited to just these):

This system is backwards compatible; therefore, it is capable of using previous high definition and standard definition BNC Type models.

Q. Which items come with the systems?
A. All the systems come with the DVR, respective number of cameras and cables, power supply, network cable, HDMI cable, remote control, mouse and manual. You basically get all  the items you need to set up and install the system. For more information on what is in the box, click here and scroll down to page 9.

Q. Do I need to purchase any additional items when installing the system?
A. You do not need to purchase any additional items–all that you need to install are included. It is only when you add additional cameras to your system that you need to make sure that you have enough power supply to power up the cameras. That is, when you add additional 6 cameras to the SDH-C75100, you will need extra power source for these additional cameras. You can read onto our previous post directly on the SDH-C75100 system regarding the extra compatible power supply you may need.

Q. Can I view all the cameras at once through the monitor?
A. Yes, you can look at all the cameras at once in a grid pattern.

Q. Does the monitor come with the system?
A. Monitor is not included; however, you can use any monitor that you already have at your location. HDMI cable is included when you purchase the system.

Q. Do the cameras that come with these systems have audio built-in?
A. These cameras do not have audio built-in; however, there is a single Audio In port in the back of the DVR. You can connect one microphone to the DVR using a BNC cable so that one channel gets to have the audio feature.

Q. Are the cameras weather-resistant?
A. Yes, these cameras are weather-resistant and have an IP rating of 66. This IP rating shows that this camera is dust tight and will not be affected by harsh rain or stormy weather when they are placed outdoors.

Q. I need a greater storage than a 2TB hard drive. What should I do?
A. We do not sell any internal hard drives; however, we do sell compatible external hard drives for these systems. It has a USB plug; therefore, you simply need to plug the external HDD into your DVR and format the drive upon connecting it to your DVR.

  • We do not recommend that you change the internal hard drive on your own since that will void the one-year manufacturer warranty. Purchasing an external hard drive may be a better option.

Q. How long does the 2TB HD storage last?
A. Hard drive storage ultimately depends on the number of cameras installed as well as the resolution of the cameras. When you have more cameras installed and the resolution of these cameras are higher, the storage will decrease respectively. When you have 10 cameras installed for the SDH-C75100 system, you will have about 20-25 days of recording on default settings.

Q. Is the system wireless?
A. This system is not wireless. All the cables that you need to wire are included in the system.

Q. What happens if the camera cables are too short? 
A. We do sell extension cables specifically for the 1080P Full HD BNC cables. You can click here to look at the cables (each cable comes with a coupler so that you can extend the already-existing cable using this coupler piece).

Q. Can we view the cameras on two different monitors?
A. Yes, you can view the cameras on these systems through two different monitors.

Q. Can we view the cameras so that cameras 1-8 are displayed on HDMI monitor and cameras 9-16 are displayed on VGA monitor?
A. You cannot view the cameras in this manner; however, as mentioned in the previous question, you can view all of the cameras in two different monitors.

We would like to clear up any confusion and would love to help you answer any additional questions you may have regarding these systems. If you have any questions, please comment below the blog, and we will assist you ASAP 🙂


11 thoughts on “Q&A: Newly-released Samsung 1080P Full HD Security Camera Systems

  1. Can you view the cameras on two different monitors? For example, cameras 1-8 are displayed on monitor 1 (HDMI) and cameras 9-16 on monitor 2 (VGA).

    1. That would be a yes and a no. The systems are made to handle two monitors in the manner you described; however, you cannot split so that half of the cameras show up on one and the other half on the second.
      The only real function of being able to connect two monitors for these Samsung systems is to see a duplicate of the first monitor.

  2. Is there a PTZ camera that would work with the SDH-C75100 system? And can you zoom in on a recorded section of a video or does zoom only work in live mode?

  3. Is there a PTZ camera that would work with the SDH-C75100 system? And can you zoom in on a recorded section of a video or does zoom only work in live mode?

  4. I have a 720p TV and can not get the system to show on the screen when plugged via HDMI, Do I need to get a 1080p tv or should it work with my current set up; all I’m getting is a message stating about the resolution, any ideas on how to get it to work. Thanks

  5. this company is HORRIBLE, not sure if they are under new ownership or management, having big problems with system I bought thru them, they will not answer emails, wont return phone calls to 201-840-6755, been giving me the runaround, do you notice you can not find a phone number for them anywhere, seriously, stay away

    1. Mr. Acord,

      We apologize for the situation that you have experienced. However, we understand that our team has reached out to you and have since resolved the issue. We hope that we were to satisfy you to your expectations. And in the future we will do better.

      Thank you

      -Soltech Security

  6. Hello. I have a couple questions about the SDH-C74040N. Can it’s internal drive be upgraded to 4TB? Have you successfully used any Cat-5e to BNC converters with the base DVR this system comes with?

    Thank you, and I look forward to your answers.

    1. Sean,

      Regarding the upgrade for the internal HDD we suggest you not to as it voids the warranty.

      The cat5e converter success rate that will all depend on the quality of the converter.

      Kind Regards,

      Soltech Security

  7. Can the SDH-C75100 DVR be put on the same network as an SDR-C75300N DVR and have the cameras all be grouped together in the smartviewer program and iPolis?

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