Samsung SmartCam and associated microSD card Usage

There have been a lot of questions in regards to the microSD card these days as the Samsung SmartCam series is integrated with microSD card usage as its main source of video storage. As much as storage devices have become quite mainstream, the usage and how-to’s of the actual things are not as well known as one would think. There are a few problems that we’ve found that are causing problems these days so I’m going to go ahead and address them today. I hope all SmartCam owners will find this to be helpful in one way or another.

As of right now, the three cameras that support the microSD card are the SNH-P6410, SNH-E6440, and the SNH-E6411 (also known as SNH-E6413). These three cameras have the capability of recording video footage onto the microSD card as a means of recording storage without paying for cloud service as most IP cameras will have you do. This means no paid service is required to record your videos!

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. The length of your recording times will be strictly based on the microSD card size. The estimates given below are based on continuous recording
    1. 16GB – 2 – 3 Days
    2. 32GB – 5 Days
    3. 64GB – 10 Days
  2. The recorded footage is not 1080p. It is recorded in 720p so as to ensure longer recording with the small amount of memory these cards offer. There is no setting to alter that.
  3. There is no way to download the video footage directly from the microSD card when plugged into the camera.
    1. You will have to remove the microSD card and plug it into your computer to pull the files.
  4. The files are saved in AVI format so most video players will be able to play it back with no problems

With that out of the way, hopefully you have a general idea about how these microSD cards are used. If you already know these things, that’s great. Now, how do you go about setting up your microSD card? Here’s how:

card_readerYou’ll need a way to insert your microSD card into your computer. Many people have a USB card reader like the one you see here. As you can see, it’s got slots for many different types of cards; this one already has my microSD card inserted into the slot designated for it. Normally these will plug right into your computers USB slot.

Card_reader2You’ll notice a different kind of adapter to the left. Many microSD cards come with this kind of adapter as a computer may have slots for this bigger adapter while not being able to support a microSD card being directly inserted. You place the microSD into the adapter and it functions as one big card. If you do have a slot for this on your computer, it’s normally on the front and marked as such.

So there have been many issues where customers have bought microSD cards and plugged it into the SmartCam to find that it doesn’t work. Here’s the deal. As it would be somewhat expected that the camera pick up the card and work right away, electronics don’t make our lives as easy as you would like them to. So we have to go and format the microSD card to a format that is possible for the SmartCam to read. This process is not complicated so don’t worry.

For most cases, you’ll just be doing a simple format. Formatting is a simple process that requires you to find the disk on your computer and asking it to erase everything on the card. In order to do this you’ll open up My Computer and locate the newly inserted card. You’ll recognize it considering its the newest thing on that menu.


You’ll right click on that particular drive and you should see an option to Format. Once you’ve clicked on that option, you’ll see a new screen come up like the following:

2015-04-17_0937_001As you can see, there are different formats for the drive as it is. The format that we want is FAT as NTFS is a bit more complicated than we need. It also isn’t the most friendly as far as systems like an IP camera reading it. FAT, FAT32, exFAT; it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Most of the time all three aren’t even available.

I’d recommend unchecking the Quick Format option and pressing start. Whether you have it checked or unchecked, the process should be fairly quick considering the size of memory cards aren’t that big. So after you’ve done this, you should be good to go as far as using it with your SmartCam. I’ll also include some recommended instructions for your first use as well later on.

Now you are all ready to get recording!

We recommend you do the following when inserting a microSD into the SmartCam for the first time:

  1. Turn off the camera.
  2. Insert the microSD
  3. Then turn the camera back on.
  4. Wait for it to reconnect.
  5. Go to your Setup section on the SmartCam website (after logging in)
  6. Select the SD Card Tab
  7. Set the settings as you so please as shown below.
  8. Format through the SmartCam platform one last time just to be safe.
My current settings for the SNH-P6410 with a 64GB Class 10 Samsung microSD Card

Downloading the video footage

Downloading the video footage is a simple task as well. Of course we’d love to have the feature of having to pull it straight from the card while it’s still attached the the camera, but that’s not available. So here’s what we’ll have to do.

  1. Remove the microSD card from your camera.
  2. Insert it into your adapter / reader (depending on what you have)
  3. Insert it into your computer
  4. Select the video footage based on date or all of it if you so please.
  5. Upload to YouTube, to Vine, to your phone, or wherever you like.

It’s really that simple; just don’t forget to put your microSD card back into the camera after you’re all done.

Hope this was helpful. Enjoy!


36 thoughts on “Samsung SmartCam and associated microSD card Usage

  1. With Smart Viewer software from samsung you can view and save the recorded video data from the SD card while leaving it in the camera.

  2. Smartviewer 4.5.0, just added two SNH-E6440 cams.
    Go to settings, choose samsung networkcamera_encoder, add local IP, deviceport 4520, HTTPport 80, the ID and PW of the cam, press OK. go to smartviewer LIVE. Choose in the upper left corner the new cam and connect it. Good luck!

  3. I followed the steps above and keep getting the message “You need to purchase an additional SD card and mount it in the camera before use,” even while the MicroSD card is inserted into the slot. Any ideas on what I can do? Thank you!

  4. Is there ANY way to set the camera to record 1080p to the SD card…?? The quality of the recorded footage at 720p is really horrible…!! Even when set to not record continuesly but only when motion is detected… Will that also still be 720p…?

    1. Unfortunately, the way the programming on the site and camera is set up only allows the recorded video quality to be 720p. I believe they did this for bandwidth reasons or something of the sort. The actual reason as to why is still quite unsure.

      1. Thank you for the reply. So disappointed! In my opinion this product is very much falsely advertised by Samsung. They should state that 1080p is available ONLY for live viewing. What is the use, if 99% of the time you only have access to 720p quality when using the camera.
        Adding to the problem is that the 720p quality is really bad – so much so that I do not believe it to be even close to that. So motion detection will record an intruder… I will remove the SD card and view footage on my laptop… only to realize that quality is so bad, you can hardly recognise a face in the pixelated recording.

        I’ve also had no luck in updating the firmware – the latest version shown is always the same version as the current one, although I know new versions have become available.

        Will definitively not be buying any Samsung products any day soon, if ever again.

  5. I don’t believe the statement of live viewing at 1080p is true either. When I change the “speed network” from low to high, the viewing window does not change, it looks like the same VGA 640×480. Actually, the resolution of viewing is a moot point, since you can’t attach a view to a police report, you need a hard copy or file.

    The captures are, however, in 1920×1080 format. Sadly, you cannot take them fast enough (when, say, robbery is in progress :-(): the app fails to remember your choice of format (.jpg), and always suggests .bmp. Then it cannot autoincrement file names, so you have to type new names explicitly. And yes, I am using the latest firmware 1.07_151030 as for today.

    The image quality is however well acceptable, even in low light conditions, and viewing angle is good. Their three-window motion trigger works reliably, and pre-recording of 5s (and post-recording of ~30 seconds) is fine, except that these most important parameters are not listed in any documentation nor can be changed. But overall, for the purpose, this cam is a disappointment.

    1. How did you manage to do a firmware update…? My firware version always show to be the latest one… No update available. Do you have 6440bn outdoor camera…?

  6. I cannot find a video player to play the .avi format saved on the SD card. The message says the .avi format is a different codec platform. What can I use to view the saved .avi formats?

  7. Hi, I use Samsung Smartcam in my Home. I have an issues with the download of the Videos from the SD Card.
    The recording works, also it is possible to play Videos via Android app when the SC card is still in the Cam.
    I remove the microSD card from my camera. Insert it into my adapter / reader. Insert it into my computer, but I found nothing when I browse to the folder on the SD Card.
    If I show the properties of the SD card in the explorer, than I saw that something must be saved but I could not found a file (yx.avi?).

  8. Hi. I have seen footage from the SD card before and know it was there. Now when I plug it into the computer it says it can’t be opened or I don’t even see it. What can I do? I really need the footage and know it was there.

    1. I am having the exact same issue as Uly. I have the video footage and was able to view it on my phone with the app. However, when I plug the SD card into computer it cannot be read at all. I have individual files for each date that appear in a list but they cannot be opened or played. I need to be able to see this in greater detail and cannot risk damaging the footage–it is very important. What is the solution?

  9. Is there anyway to change how long the detection event records? I need to increase it. For instance, I see the UPS guy pull up, and then 3 minutes later I see him leave, but there is no video in between.

  10. Hi I have Samsung SNH-P6410 and under settings it showing that there is a later firmware level. Current firmware 1.07_151126 new 1.07_151030. I click on the Firmware update icon and nothing happens. I am using Safari 9.1.1 on a mac. I have loaded the setup for max and every thing else works fine. Any thoughts appreciated.

  11. Hi, I just bought samsung smartcam SNH-E6440BN. I wnstalled and works well till message to upgrade to firmware V 1.02 where I had chosen to upgrade. It upgraded successfully till end, then next day after I disconnect and reconnect the power supply, then light on the box shows red (non blinking). I cannot access anymore even after pressing reset button. tried every means to reconnect with no success.
    Finally got replacement today (installed and working well) and again this message to firmware upgrade to V 1.02 showing. Did not upgrade and going well. Anyone has problem upgrading to V1.02? Thanks a lot.

  12. Hi, i just purchased the samsung HD plus and the snh-outdoor model everything works and operates perfectly using the smartcam application and have installed 32GB memory cards to both.

    The only problem which i need help in is that when an event is captured i can see the app notification+time stamp of the event under the “event” menu and whether its motion or audio notification + email notification since i linked my google account, but i am missing the most important thing which is the video captured of that event, and i cant see the event video on smartcam

    Please soltechsecurity i need help.

  13. On my 8NH-E64138BN, I’m trying to record to the SD card while not connected to wifi or to the network. I’ve set it up on the network with the “Use the SD card” set to ON, and without continuous recording. I then unplug from the network/wifi, set up the camera and plug it in. But there is no recording on the SD card in this configuration. Can this camera record to SD card when not connected to the network? If so, I’d like to find out how.


  14. The SD card setting was terrible.
    This model of cam had killed my 3 SD cards.
    Those 3D cards became unaccessable or unformatable !!

    1. Dear Customer,

      We apologize to hear about this situation. Please contact Samsung Tech Center at 877 349 3149 as a representative will be able to further assist you on this matter.

      Kind Regards,

      Soltech Security

  15. Is there a way to download / delete SD card videos without removing the SD card ? Our both SmartCams are in the ceiling which is about 12 ft high. Every time we have to bring in the heavy ladder to climb up to get the SD card.
    We re really thinking about going for a different brand security cameras just because of this problem.

    1. Brian,

      I can understand how difficult it may be for situations like these. Now that Samsung has integrated a cloud service to its new firmware updated IP cameras (such as the one you currently own) you are able to subscribe to Samsung SmartCould where it will store all your data remotely in a secured server. You will be able to find more info on this on

      Kind Regards,

      Soltech Security

  16. I can get my cameras (4 that I got you from you guys) to read and record on my SD cards but they’ll randomly stop reading and recording. The only fix is to format the SD card again and put it back in. The problem is I really have no idea when the camera stops recording. Any ideas?

    1. Mark,

      Thank you for visiting our page. This issue may be caused by the firmware update. As of right now Samsung is currently working on a fix. We apologize for this experience. For a little bit more info please contact Samsung Tech Center at 877 349 3149 as a representative will be able to give you the full rundown.

      Thank you again.

      Kind Regards,

      Soltech Security

  17. It doesn’t make sense to me that you can not just export your footage from the website. The files that are on the SD card are all in 5 min increments so my day long continuous footage of the contractors working in my basement is impossible to transfer to my computer. When I log into my account it’s one long 8 hour shot. I called the customer support and they told me since I had an apple computer I had to use VLC to see the footage, which again, was all in 5 min increments. What good is having the footage on my security camera if I can’t get it off!? What I have to buy a new 32GB SD card if I want to keep the footage? Thats a stupid solution.

    1. Napier,

      I apologize for the situation that you have experienced. Depending on which IP cam you have purchased the size of the Micro SD card can vary.

      A firmware update may have let you increase the size of your micro SD card. However the situation that you are stating is that it is moot if the footage is only stored on your SD card.

      Samsung is now offering a cloud based storage system.

      For more info please check

      However, this is a paid service but there is a free trial

      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,

      Soltech Security

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