Upgrading your Pre-existing DVR Hard Drive

So it has been about 2 month’s since we’ve started making hard drive upgrades readily available for our customers. It makes a lot of sense to do so because not everyone can be satisfied by the integrated HDD that comes with the DVR. An SDS-P3042 that comes with a 500GB hard drive may be too small for someone who wants to leave their cameras running at full specs for about 3 months. With the cameras running at full capacity at their highest recording resolution and frame rate, you’ll find that a 500GB hard drive may last a month with 4 cameras, if not less.

Now, let’s say you want more out of your system. We have available to our customers an option to upgrade the current hard drive within the system to something higher. The max capacity happens to be 2 TB, but as you can imagine the recording time will be much longer in the case you’re upgrading your 500GB to a 2TB HDD.

The main purpose of this post is to show our customers how we go about making this possible. We take great care to make sure that we give our customers the best support we can. Normally, a situation where a DVR is opened usually voids the manufacturer’s warranty. We have partnered with Samsung to make that manufacturer’s warranty still functional even after the DVR is opened and customized so you as the customer do not have to worry.

Now, let me show you how things are done.

First, the process.



As an example, we’ve pulled out the SDS-P3040N.





We pull out simply the DVR without touching anything else within the box. 








We make sure to wear gloves and place the DVR on a scratch-free environment to ensure your DVR is spotless.

We unscrew the hard drive and pull it off as seen here.


We use security-grade Western Digital hard drives. We place it in the HDD copy device and copy over the operating system from the original hard drive.

_MG_0672We use security-grade Western Digital hard drives. We place it in the HDD copy device and copy over the operating system from the original hard drive. 

_MG_0675We place the hard drive back into the system after it has finished copying.


We cover it up and put a nice warranty seal on it and place it back in the box.

It goes back in the box, into the packaging box, slap on a UPS sticker with your address on it and send it to you!

As with any of our other explanations, if you found anything confusing and would like more details, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I’d be more than happy to address your questions!




3 thoughts on “Upgrading your Pre-existing DVR Hard Drive

  1. So, just to be clear…..I would like to upgrade the 1TB hard drive to a 3TB or 4TB hard drive on my Samsung SDE-5001 unit. I will need to “clone” or copy to the new drive before installing it. Once I do that, it should work. Is that correct?

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