Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011 and Google Drive

*Update 11/4/2014*

The issue with Google Drive has been resolved. I upgraded my firmware this morning with the newest version (2.12_141027) and found that everything works. I’m no longer getting the Failed to Save message so it seems we’re all set to go.

*End Update*

There have been a lot of questions in regards to the Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011N camera and the latest update that brought about Google Drive as the Cloud storage server that took the place of the previous Youtube Setting.

Let me give you a brief background recap of the original settings of the SNH-1011N camera.

It’s your standard IP camera that is mainly meant for general surveillance. There was no storage option like the new SNH-P6410 has, but it was mainly used for streaming surveillance so the YouTube function was enough.

What YouTube function am I talking about? 

Originally, the camera would upload 30 second clips to YouTube as a result of alerts/motion/audio detection. So you’d have access to the video feed in the case that you were on the go or just had a video you wanted to share with your friends and family. Despite this convenient and free recording feature, there were some issues that we noticed. In some cases, YouTube would limit how many videos you were able to upload and as a result, a full account could quite possibly not record video footage due to the lack of space. We’ve seen limits as low as 10 videos upon which uploads would stop and you would not be able to upload anything else until you’ve erased it.

Here comes Google Drive.

I consider the Google Drive update to be extremely amazing.

Consider the following: 

– 15 GB Free storage Space

– Readily available file access through the Google Drive App

– Google Drive is available for desktop usage.

– Videos are saved as 30 second clips, each ranging from 5 to 6 MB

– Files are sorted into a SmartCam folder on Google Drive / Subcategorized by Camera Serial Number / Further categorized by Date

– Easy file management from computer, tablet, and smartphone

These features are clearly superior to the YouTube features that were once available. Even better, if you have the Google Drive app on your phone, you’ll most likely be looking at these video files directly from your phone in the exact same way you would with YouTube Clips. The biggest advantage that the Google Drive update gives is the download capability. Before, you’d usually have to show a video through YouTube or require some sort of internet access to see the video footage, but now you have the videos readily available to you whether it’s online or offline.

Linking up your Google Drive

If you currently have a Google/Gmail account, you probably already have a Google Drive account considering it’s all under one roof.



If you take a close look at this image here, you’ll notice that a new option has been added in place of the YouTube option. You’ll have to provide an authentication request in order to link your Google Drive account to the camera. **Please note that you have to have pop ups disabled in order for the authentication page to come up**  Once you’ve finished all that, you’re Google Drive is set to go.


You’ll also notice in the picture above that the folder has been automatically created on Google Drive as I had mentioned before.  As it was also mentioned before, there are subcategories created to further organize your files.

Now, how do I get it on my desktop?

There are several ways in which you can get the videos to be downloaded to your desktop. when clicking on one of the videos on the list, you’ll be prompted with a new window with the video on screen and options along the bottom of that window.  You’ll see that on right side bottom corner, there are three options: Open, Share, and Download. Pressing on the download button will download the video on to your computer, the share button will allow you to share the video file on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email, and the open button will open up the video on a completely different window for that video.

Downloading Google Drive to the Desktop


Download Google Drive on to your desktop by going to the following link or by clicking on the image above. It’s extremely simple and the way Google Drive is set up allows you to open up the drive as if it were just another folder on your computer. Of course there is a bit of a syncing delay so your videos may not arrive on the spot, but given the size of the videos are fairly small there shouldn’t be too much of a time delay on the video deliveries.

We’ll be uploading a video of the setup process fairly soon. So in the interim, if you have any questions in regards to setting yourself up with Google Drive, feel free to contact me and I’ll try my best to help you.

Best Regards,

Dan P. from Soltech Security


74 thoughts on “Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011 and Google Drive

  1. Does the camera allow downloading a section of video remotely. What I mean by that is. If I have continuous recording set up, and while away from home I am reviewing a portion of video and find a 2 minute section of video I want saved. Can I select those 2 minutes for download? Or is my only option to pull the SD card when I get home to save that section of video? Thanks.

  2. I’m not able to authenticate the google drive code my cameras on the samsungsmartcam app.
    When I copy and paste the googledrive authentication code on the Samsung app. it says “file not saved”. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Doug,

      I’m glad you brought this to my attention. I actually do not have an answer for you right now. I’ve tried it myself only to come up with the same result. There may be an issue with the Samsung server and as such, I have sent an email to our contact at Samsung in regards to the issue. As soon as I have an answer, I will let you know.

      1. I am also having the exact same authentication problem and would really like to get it fixed and get Google Drive working with the Samsung app/cameras. Hope you find out something ASAP!

      2. Well good news guys! i just updated my 1011 camera with the newest firmware upgrade (2.12_141027) this morning and found that Google Drive is back up and running with the camera.

      3. About 5 days ago my cameras mysteriously started recording event videos to Google Drive, this after many many attempts to authenticate them with the “file not saved” popping up every time. Weird!

      4. Well good news guys! i just updated my 1011 camera with the newest firmware upgrade (2.12_141027) this morning and found that Google Drive is back up and running with the camera.

  3. Hi. Two questions really:
    1. I also am having trouble with the SamsungSmartcam Android app and having the event videos upload to my Google Drive. I have tried the Google authentication process 10+ times and no luck. I don’t get an error message after attempting but it does not go through. I have a Galaxy S5 and downloaded the app yesterday. The Picasa function works as advertised. Do you have any suggestions?
    2. I have also tried to access the camera via SamsungSmartcam from my PC but find that I cannot register a second time as I have already set up a mobile account. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. It seems like they’re having trouble with their connection with Google Drive with their whole server migration that’s going on. Hopefully we’ll have some sort of answer for you soon.

      For your second question, you shouldn’t have to re-register anything when going onto the PC. You should be able to sign right in with the ID you created with your phone.

  4. I was able to access my camera from the PC and you were right, I did not have to set up an additional account.
    As far as Google Drive is concerned, I cannot get it to work and still get the message “file not saved” when I send the authentication code

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to connect the cameras to Dropbox. I’m not sure if connecting it as such is possible with the Samsung interface. I am however, taking a look into the Google Drive issue as I’ve tried just about everything and it seems like there’s something wrong as far as the cameras connecting to Google Drive’s authentication program. I will let you know as soon as I have an answer.

  5. Friends, besides fighting the “failed to save” message on the Google drive setup, I’ve also got some other high strangeness going on with one camera. Is there any way to ditch it or dump it in the registration database, so that I can go back through setup, and see if this little monkey will go back to working correctly? The “reset” button doesn’t seem to de-register it from the website… Inquiring minds wanna know! Thanks, Amangi Lenno

    1. Deregistering from the website only really requires you to press the trashcan button located under the camera ID itself on the left hand column.
      Resetting it is also necessary to erase the current password, otherwise when you remove it and reregister it, you’ll find that the camera already has the password and possibly other associated settings from the previous registration.
      Hope that helps.

  6. Hi, Dan & Soltech Security:

    Working with a client this morning whose 2 Samsung SmartCams were behaving differently, we dropped Cam1’s connection to Google Drive and now cannot re-authenticate it, nor is Cam2 saving video to the Google Drive account anymore. Is the solution to factory-reset the camera itself, remove it from the SmartCam account registration, then go through basic setup freshly? If we’re still waiting for Google Drive and Samsung servers to shake hands at this point, please let us know. Thanks for your helpful information!


    1. Hello Christoph,

      I know this has been a problem for about a week now, I think. I actually have no answer for you as far as the solution. I’ve tried the factory reset and the resetting of the authorization and still not finding an actual solution.
      I’m currently working with Samsung to see if I can find a solution, and if and when I do get an answer I will update it here on the blog first and make it readily available for everyone.

      1. All, besides the Google Drive issue, I want to know if anyone else has experienced the following scenario – We have two iPhones that were on iOS 7. I had installed the Smartcam app on both months ago, and they were working fine. Especially the motion detection notification. I had them set up to “ring the chime” and text us whenever motion was detected, and this had worked for months. Recently, I upgraded the iOS in my iPhone to the newest release 8, and it seems that I’ve not only now lost the chime notification, but also anything else involved with the Smartcam notification. I’ve went back into the app and the Notification area in the phone, and everything appears to be turned on, and my “do not disturb” is turned off in the base phone settings, so I should be getting them. My wife’s iPhone is still on iOS7, and it still works perfectly. Short of removing the app and then re-installing it on my iPhone, has anyone else experienced any issues with the iOS upgrade to 8? Or a fix for this issue? I’m afraid that the iOS 8 upgrade may have “broken” the app’s notification mechanism…

      2. Dan: Thanks for the swift follow-up, I’ll look forward to info when you have more, and likewise I’ll post if I have anything new to share on the issue through my own tinkering & collaboration. Have a great day! ~Christoph

      3. Well good news guys! i just updated my 1011 camera with the newest firmware upgrade (2.12_141027) this morning and found that Google Drive is back up and running with the camera.

  7. Hi Soltech Security,

    I’ve just bought and almost finished installing a SNH 1011 but like others, I see the error “failed to save” during the authentication setup of the Google Drive. Do let us know if you have any updates or resolutions asap. Thanks a lot!

      1. Everything was working untilI updated my cameras on Nov. 4th. Just after I updated the camera firmware it failed to upload any video to google drive. However, it continued to upload images to Picassa. I called customer service and he couldn’t help me. Now I have nothing. Any suggestions on what to do or who to contact?

  8. Samsung just advised me they will be putting out a firmware update end of this week or beginning of next that will correct this issue for the recording to Google Drive.

    1. That’s great to hear! I haven’t even heard back from our contact over at Samsung so I’m glad that you were able to find something substantial from them. I guess I’ll have to test this out when it does come out and see if it does work. Until then, I will continue to follow up with Samsung and see what is going on. Thank you for the update!

  9. Just got a couple of these cameras based on the Google Drive feature, and ran into the same authentication issues. Thought it was problems because of two-factor authentication, but now I think Google must have updated something on their end that broke Samsung’s integration. Thanks for the details on this blog–it’s the only place on the internet I can find that’s tracking the problem! Looking forward to an update from Samsung this week hopefully!

  10. Confirmed that it does now save to Google Drive rather easily, but I found (after much troubleshooting) that if the Picasa option is enabled, the camera crashes and reboots on event detection, and doesn’t record anything. Disabled saving to Picasa (which never seemed to work anyway) and it’s stable now.

  11. I am still having a problem with the firmware upgrade and still cannot get the authentication code to go through and Samsung cam does not connect to google drive.

  12. For anyone still having issues with recordings to Google Drive, I spoke with Samsung as I am still having these same issues after the update. Samsung is in the process of creating their own recordings library as they are not able to support data transfer between their cameras and Google. They have advised this should be completed within 1 to 2 months and at that point, all video uploads will be saved directly to their drives with no longer any 3rd party video/image hosting needing to be done….as much as that time frame does suck, hopefully it will correct these issues once and for all.

  13. Too bad the subfolders created on Google Drive are named based only on the cam’s serial number. If you have several cameras, it’s impossible to tell which is which easily. I wish they’d use a combination of serial number and the configurable camera name value. e.g. “C8AT6V2D7002V9X – Family Room Cam” However, I don’t really know the best way to send suggestions to them.

  14. All of this firmware and storage location changing ( and the inherent instability of those locations ) truly throws a wet towel damper on my excitement for these cameras. I’m into the $ for 2 of them right now, and had plans to purchase more, but with the issues that I’ve run into, I’m not so sure that I don’t want to unhitch my wagon from these cameras and pursue other avenues. Since they are such a fixed-format for recording, that leaves me at the mercy of Samsung for wherever they want to store the recordings, and so far, IMHO, this has been a miserable failure on their part. I started this scene when the Youtube hook was being abandoned due to its problems, followed by the Google Drive option that was put into place, and have had nothing but trouble since. A camera that I cannot trust to record events is a boat anchor to me, as I’m trying to protect my property and home-bound wife with them. So what if it sees motion, with no recording, ( or the unreliability of it getting recorded and actually being able to retrieve it ) it still leaves something to be desired. Since I own them, I’ll probably keep up with this board, and try to salvage my investment if Samsung gets their own server farm for storage. My fear is that type of functionality will come with a price, in terms of a subscription service, as storage is never truly “free”. Along with the “growing pains” of getting their farm off and running for the scads of cameras that it will have to support. I really do not want this to come off as a flame, because I cannot be the only person experiencing this level of frustration with this product. And I really do appreciate Soltech for supporting this board, as they are the only “voice in the wilderness” for this product, and they are fulfilling a real “need” for the communication channel that they are keeping open. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be watching the outcome on this from the sidelines. (BTW, since I own only one model of their cameras, are ALL of Samsung’s other cameras having these problems with recording events?)

    1. I completely understand your frustration! The though of their own storage server did come to me as somewhat of a worry since usually the case is that there is a paid service that normally comes with it. However, if I remember correctly, the goal was to provide such a service and product that didn’t require a paid service so I’m hoping they stick with that mentality.

      We have been told that the service will remain free as I would imagine they would just expand their current security surveillance system servers to maintain it; we’ll just have to wait and see.

      We’ll try to keep you guys up to date on this as we get more information. If anything, I may just write another post all together once everything has been settled on rather than constantly changing it.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Hi
    I have had a smartcam Camera for about 6 months and in the beginning it worked fine, sending me alerts when detecting motion. The videos were also being uploaded OK to Google drive. Recently though the alerts have stopped working. Video is still being uploaded but no email is being sent. I wondered if an update had changed some behaviour so I tried to go through the motion setup again. I noticed that checkbox for ‘Use to send email alarms’ was unchecked. I clicked this checkbox to set on and saw my email address was in the display list OK. I could not see any ‘OK’ or ‘Save’ button associated with this so I guess the save button at the top of the section is the one to use. However this requires my google password. When I enter the password and press ‘Save’ I get a popup saying ‘Check your ID and try again’. I know I am using the correct gmail account and password because I have reset it thinking maybe it was retaining something. Can you help me to fix this and get the system working again please?

    1. I’ve been receiving several inquiries about this as of today so I will go ahead and try to check with Samsung about what’s going on. It could be that Google has updated their system again and the accounts are not registering properly.

  16. Hi, i have exactly the same issues as DAVE RUSSELL. No matter what i do i cant enter my google details into the correct field with out the check id message or the cannot connect to server message. This fault has basically left the camera as scrap as cannot access motion detection video or pictures as picasa is not synced with smartcam anymore. any help would be great thanks

  17. Hey guys,

    So i’ve just been informed by Samsung that they are aware of the problem and it seems there is a fix in the process. I’m not sure entirely how long it’s supposed to take but apparently there is supposed to be a system/server update to be released on the 15th so I believe that will be the fix. Sorry I can’t be an immediate help to the issue but hopefully this puts your mind at a slight ease.

  18. I am having the same problem and called Samsung tech support on two occasions. Both times, they blamed the problem on a Google change. On the first call, they told me that the problem would be fixed on June 6. When the June 6 date passed with no fix, they told me it would be fixed by June 15. It is June 15 and the Samsung scheduled server maintenance should have been completed according to their published dates and times. I was hopeful that a fix was made. Once gain my expectations were “dashed against the rocks” as nothing has changed.

    1. I checked my system at 23:00 GMT and I am now able to authenticate the Google account. I sent the email alerts back on and it all works as intended. Back to being secure again. Thanks for your help on this issue.

  19. I have four Sam Sung SmartCam SNH-1011N cameras. One is at Firmware 2.12_141027 and the other three are at 2.10_140904. Every time I connect to the three which require a firmware update I click on the message that says “Please update to the latest camera firmware(v2.12)” “Now” and the cameras seem to go through the entire update sequence but does not update the firmware and does not present any error. It sounds like other users have gotten this firmware update it to work.
    Does anyone know a fix for this or no of any other way to update the firmware?

  20. Greetings: I have been using the original 1011’s at my vacation home in another state for about 18 months. I have upgraded the firmware successfully on all 4 cameras and have been using them with Google Drive this spring. The alerts work well and I enjoy seeing the wildlife come up and look through my plate glass windows:) Two or three weeks ago all 4 cameras became inaccessible through my control panel. The cameras are still listed down the left side of the panel but are “shaded” and I am unable to access them. I can sign on to my account/control panel without issue, but the panel is shaded and not functional.

    I suspected router/internet problems and had my neighbor go check the system. All camera lights are green and the router is accessing the internet. Could the June 15 server update have something to do with this? Can I re-register the same 4 cameras remotely from here using the serial numbers? I am using internet explorer 8.1 on a dell laptop for access. I would hate to have to travel 1500 miles just to re-register the cameras and our “petty crime season” is upon us there…………………
    Thanks to anyone tha tcan help!

  21. Hi, just wondering if anybody else is yet again having issues with picasa and the camera? For the last week or so every time i log in it is telling me that the service has changed….. Does anybody know if there is a alternative being sorted as again the motion detection alarms have no images or video. Once again Samsung cant seem to provide a product without it having issues as it seems this product has been hassle since i bought it!

    1. Hello Kevin,

      I think just about everyone has that same issue or concern at this point and I definitely share the frustration. I’ve been told by Samsung that they are in the midst of developing something for that processes where they would have their own server for picture sending and whatnot to replace the function Picasa has taken charge of up until now. A definite date wasn’t something I was given but hopefully, if I do get an update, I will write it here so everyone knows.

  22. Hello, has anyone heard anything new? My SmartCam is still not working. Still getting “Due to Google’s Picasa policy change Picasa image upload is currently unavailable” error.

  23. Am currently unable to set up email alerts. Receive the check id/pasward adn try again message. Both are correct, and when I slick on the go to google page, it takes me to this address: where I click continue and then it says account access enabled, but after entering email and password again, the process repeats itself. Any ideas?

    1. From what I know, Samsung and Google have disconnected as far as the service to Picasa and whatnot have been concerned. In the process it seems like the Google verification process that links directly to email notifications has been affected as well. In the interim while we what for a solution, I’d recommend using push notifications to your smartphone. I’ve checked that one and know that it still works fine.

      1. Yes that does seem to work for me as well without issue and it does make sense that if google has limited picassa, connecting to their email would likely be affected too. Thanks for the response.

  24. I get a error saying Notice of Picasa Upload User, Due to Google’s Picasa policy change Picasa image upload is currently unavailable. I cannot even view my camera’s image, not even trying to upload to google drive. How do I fix this?

    1. Hey Janna,
      If you look at my previous response, there really is no answer as to why they haven’t addressed it and my hope is that they are currently the process of issuing a fix. By disconnecting with the Picasa service, it seems like they may have hit a roadblock with other Google services as well. If you’ve noticed, the plug-in for Chrome will also be no longer supported in a while which they found a way around, but I believe this is the same. As of right now, we’re all somewhat part of a waiting game where we’re hoping that the update comes out sooner than later. The best you can do right now is to turn on your push alerts for your smartphone and be alerted that way. The other alerts don’t work with emails at the moment.

      1. Hi, thanks.
        Yes, I did see that, but I can’t even view the camera. Can the camera get motion and send me a push notification, even if I can’t even view it? I can’t even login to the camera’s view page.
        I just want to view it, I’m not even trying to take or store video.
        Is this the same problem?


      2. Actually it can send you push notifications if you can’t view it. It may mean that you’re camera is working however the video isn’t being transmitted properly. Here’s what I would suggest. Open up a different browser than the one you were using. You’ll probably have to download a plugin related to that one. If you can’t remember the password or id for your old account or it just simply isn’t working, create a new one with a different email. If you’re not getting any video footage even still, I would begin to consider the fact that the camera itself may be having issues.

        As far as wanting to view it and storing it, they are completely different issues so the entire google issue won’t affect your ability to simply view the footage streaming.

      3. ok, thank you. I was unaware that I could even view on web. I am using the app on my phone, only. where do I go to view on web? URL? Thank you, I will try and see if that works.

  25. Hi
    I have 4 Smartcam Camera’s with v.2.12_141027 firmware. I changed my Google ID a while back and the google account setup has my old email in it. Everytime I change it and try to save the new email and password I get a message saying “Check your ID and passwword and try again”. I know I am using the correct GMail account and password. This must be stored on a server but I can’t seem to overwrite the old info with the new! Really frustrating!


    1. Hi Marshall,
      You’re actually probably putting in the right ID and password, but the only issue is that there is an error with the connection between Samsung’s website and Google at the moment. Because of that, the Google account setup won’t work correctly even if you are putting in the right password. At this point, we just have to cross our fingers and hope that they fix this issue soon.

  26. Soltech Security,

    Wow! I just bought a new Samsung smartcam and have been digging, literally digging through the web trying to find the answers that only YOU have been able to provide. I even tried to call tech support for Samsung and they said they would have to have tech support call me back (ummmm…. isn’t that who I called?!) Needless to say, NO ONE returned my call. I’m on the fence as to whether or not to return this camera and get NEST cam (which I do not really want to pay for a cloud service), or stick it out with this one. My question is regarding push notifications and event alarm recording. First, how do I turn on push notifications? I also had it set to record on alarm and see 7 alarm events but am unable to watch them. I’m really confused and frustrated!

    1. Hello Kris,

      I should be able to answer all of your questions here and hopefully clarify some things for you. The event recording is currently offline and is not function as it should. There is currently an issue with Google and Samsung’s website which is preventing it from actually registering properly. I’m not sure when this will actually be fixed but that is the situation as of right now. The only one sure way to get the notifications for movement and whatnot is the push notification. In order to enable that, you’ll have to install the app on your phone, of course, and go on to the website from a computer and enable push notifications from the event & alarm page.

      When you go to the event and alarm page where you have been trying to put in your google account, all the way on the bottom of the page there should be a check box where you can enable push notifications. That should really do the trick as far as having to enable that function. Hopefully that answers most of your questions.

  27. how do i go about get a refund for this my Samsung smart cam? Do i need to contact manufacturers directly? any advice would be great this product is a piece of rubbish and not functional at all. Its supposed to be a security camera but yet a major feature that drew me to it hasn’t worked in months. I just want my money back so i can actually purchase a working product!! Sorry for rant but any info would be great thanks

  28. Well, both of my cameras( 1011’s) finally quit recording events to Google drive. Both were on the current firmware. I finally deleted both of them from the website, and then added them back in, stepping thru all screens to get them reestablished.

    This was interesting. The first camera went back in seamlessly, and I even noticed that I started receiving a new notification popup on my iPhone when motion was detected. All settings for this camera saved perfectly on the website. This one looks like its back to working properly.

    But the other camera, for the life of it, cannot save the Google settings – I’m always getting the infamous “Failed to Save” message. I get the old notification of “Motion Detected” on my iPhone, usually followed by a “Authentication Failed” message on the upload part of the job. I have twisted, turned, deleted, and tweaked until I’m blue in the face. I must be overlooking something very simple, and hope one of you can tell me what I missed between re-establishing the first camera and tripping into the second camera. I’m old, but not senile yet. Besides the camera function of an iPhone is a great way to make sure you’re setting a camera back up right.

  29. Hi! I just bought this camera based on your website, specifically the fact that at the top of the website, it says update, 11/4/14, everything is working great now, and then gives the instructions for how to set it up. Only after buying it and hiring someone to set it up for me do I discover that in fact it doesn’t allow saving to Google drive, by reading the very bottom of these comments. I REALLY think you should update the TOP of your post to reflect the fact that, in fact, the saving of data to google drive is impossible. This page comes up first when one searches for SNH 1011 google drive, so I imagine I’m not the first person to be mislead. Thanks!

  30. After a year, I’d figured that these cameras had gotten some traction on their needed fixes. Other than the smart phone app, it doesn’t appear to be so. My one camera that was continually experiencing the “failed to save” on the google creds is now fixed for the wired side, and at this minute I’m still working on the wifi side. The fix for it was to log into the website, click on the “key” icon to make it forget its saved password, and then hit the trashcan icon, then shut off the camera. This seems to be the magic sauce for samsung’s database to drop the camera so you can fully reinstall it. Otherwise, it’ll continually retrieve saved settings back into the website config. Then plug in the ethernet, turn the camera on and immediately shove the paperclip into the micro-reset switch on the back of the camera and wait until the front LED goes completely black. Immediately shut off the camera. Then turn the camera back on and proceed to reinstall the camera, and do NOT do the wifi setup. After I did that, the google upload seems to be working while wired, no FTS, and without any complaints. After I got warm and fuzzy with this setup, I crashed the camera by pulling the power, and then disconnected the ethernet cable. After two attempts from cold powerup, the wifi now seems to be working properly, and the google record for the motion seems to now be pushing video up to google without complaint via wifi.

    This was not an easy fix. I’ve fiddled with this camera going on 2 months, knowing that I’ve got one camera that has always worked good, and its mate throwing these FTS and authentication failure messages, and they are the same device. I cannot count on these cameras, even after spending the requisite time to get them to work. At one point this year, my wife fell, and I couldn’t get into the camera to see if she had gotten up, because of these stupid errors not reporting motion due to the FTS, and the camera being generally hosed up. As soon as I find a better camera, these are going to be reallocated for outside duty, where I won’t care what happens to them.

    On a positive note (LOL), tomorrow the Google connection may come undone, and I’ll be back at square one. I see in the website popover, that a maintenance window is coming up on 12.21.15, and I’m curious what’ll happen then to these cameras. As far as this site goes, it’s still the only “go-to” site to get user input and feedback, and I tip my hat to Soltech for supporting it. So, the “fix” above felt like it was warranted to be shared with those other “hard cases” like me that are still holding onto these cameras.

    If you all have any other new information, I’d sure appreciate seeing it here in this string.


    Amangi Lenno

  31. All,

    Well after 4 months, something has changed. And, for the better, too!!!

    I do not specifically know what changed, but I know it wasn’t the firmware in the camera.

    Neither has my network at home changed.

    Samsung must have done some massive fixes to their software in the background, because, all of a sudden, about 2 months ago, both of my SNH-1011 cameras started working like they were supposed to work!!!

    Imagine my surprise when I logged into the cameras, went thru the settings one more time for kicks and giggles, and, lo and behold, both of them started working properly!!! WOOHOO!!!

    I do know we had at least two updates on the iPhone App, and the website has that oh-so-tiny-change look to it. But I can now consistently get into them, they consistently record video via the motion capture, and they consistently record that video to the Google Drive directories, and they consistently message me on activity, all like they were supposed to do from the onset.

    So, Samsung must have fixed their issues. I was really going to ditch the cameras on eBay and try to at least get some of my investment out of them, but I pulled up cold on that when they went to working properly. In fact, for the price, I’ve bought two more from Soltech, and am waiting on the mail to get them to me. One goes in the garage, and another one gets placed in the house. For all of the bad stew in the prior posts that I wrote, at this minute, I apologize for, but at the moment when I wrote it, there were definitely some terribly broken issues that I think we were all fighting. Fortunately, Samsung must have heard some of it, and fixed them.

    If you had the same or similar problems that I had, just for kicks, go back, reset your camera to factory, make your changes, and see if your SNH-1011 now works the way its supposed to, after you walk through its settings. And let us know. I’m interested if others are getting the same mileage that I’m now getting out of these cameras.

    Amangi Lenno

  32. 06/22/17
    Try to use the ‘event setting’ via my android for the 1011N (firmware v.2.14), I get the following message when trying to get an authorization code for either Google drive or Picasa

    403. That’s an error.

    Error: disallowed_useragent

    This user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to Google as it is classified as an embedded user-agent (also known as a web-view). Per our policy, only browsers are permitted to make authorization requests to Google. We offer several libraries and samples for native apps to perform authorization requests in the browser.

    Is there now no way to save video from the 1011N?

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