SNH-P6410BN Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: MicroSD card Usage

One of the biggest benefits to a blogger such as myself doing customer service is that I have first hand access to customer complaints and the issues they’re facing while using a product.

One of the most recent things that I definitely want to cover today is the issues customers have been facing using the SNH-P6410 Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. I’ll be writing a series for this product starting today and will tackle some of the more prominent issues as I go. Please email me with questions if you have any at, or if you have anything you’d like covered definitely let me know.

The microSD card problem

Up until now, the most frequent issue that I’ve seen is the issue with the microSD card not being read or not being found.

It’s not so much that your camera is broken or defective; it most definitely could be, but it probably isn’t the case here.

From what we’ve received from Samsung, it seems that by inserting the card while your camera is up and running, you may experience that situation where it reads ” No microSD found” or something along the lines of this:



Don’t be alarmed if you see this on your first try! It’s happened to many and has resulted in me writing this article.

Although it may be a but cumbersome, there is a different method or procedure that has shown success in most situations. Samsung recommends 3 brands that they’ve tested to work fine with their system. Of course, you’re not limited to these three but they’re the recommended cards. Those three include Sandisk, Transcend, and Samsung. We here at our office have tested out two of t he brands and that’s the SanDisk Ultra and the Samsung SDXC, both class 10. About 8 times out of 10, the Samsung microSD card was read directly even with the camera up and running while the SanDisk showed the message above 10 times out of 10.

So here’s what you want to do. 

1. Unplug your camera. Make sure its completely off

2. Insert the microSD card in the card slot on the camera. Insert it fully into the camera until you here that click noise because sometimes you’ll actually fit it into the card slot but miss the latch, so make sure that the card locks into the slot.

3. Power on the camera. Plug everything back in and wait for it to boot up again.

4. Wait for the camera to reconnect to the network or if you have to hold the Wi-Fi button to do so again, take that step and get it connected again.

5. Finally, launch the site or app and your microSD card should be functioning.

On your app, the microSD card tab should be active like so:



Let’s say this process doesn’t work. Then there could be a second issue. Like most other electronics, the most compatible format for memory cards whether it be a hard drive or a microSD card, is the FAT format. The NTFS format is probably on the more advanced side but compatibility issues actually do come up. As such, the compatible format for the microSD card is the FAT format.

If you purchased the microSD, you also probably got with it or ordered with it an adapter so you can ultimately plug it into your computer. This being the case, plug your microSD into the adapter and insert it into the computer. Find the new drive that comes up and do a full format of the card into FAT format. After doing so, follow the same procedure as the one above and you should find that it works.

In the case this doesn’t work…

You may actually have a lemon if all this doesn’t work for you. Most of the customers that I’ve spoken to in regards to the microSD card troubles have had success using this method. So if you’re one of those people, I hope that this has been an informative and helpful article for you.


29 thoughts on “SNH-P6410BN Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: MicroSD card Usage

  1. Thank you for this info.

    I purchased 2 Smartcam Hd Pro cameras and I see a clear difference in the quality of the picture. I was hoping the camera would adjust and be clearer but after 24 hrs has not. At night lights show up as starbursts and the image in general appears more fuzzy than the first camera I bought. Very happy with the 1st camera and wondering if I got a bad camera, thinking about taking back. Have you compared multiple hd pro cameras to see quality variation? Thank you.

    1. Seems like you found the other articles fine Rosanne. I’m glad that they were somewhat helpful to you. I am in the process of publishing an article on comparisons of all three cameras since we just got the last of the Smartcam cameras.

    1. Unfortunately, it cannot.
      I do know that within about 2 months or so they’re planning on releasing a cloud storage option, but I believe it is supposed to be a paid service this time around.

    1. From the actual interface itself, you can designate a specific period during the day to have alarms and notifications sent to you.
      The camera will only record in the case that there is an event or alarm. Unfortunately, there is not way that I know of to have it continuously record for that scheduled time.

  2. inserted a scandisk Ultra microSDXC -UHS-1 card 54 GB. pulled plug out from outlet. inserted card and when it clicked in I knew it was in!. plugged back into outlet. took like 2-3 minutes and it rebooted itself with no error. works as intended to!

  3. Do you have an article or a blog that covers troubleshooting? I just received a new smartcam snhp6410bn and it connected beautifully at the router. Then took it upstairs and connected to the program on my pc. The picture was good for about 30 seconds, then it froze and shut down. I have been unable to connect to the wifi since then. All I get is a solid red light and then blinks for 14 times. Sporadically will get one blink. Any solutions?

    1. Hello Joanna, I don’t have an article in regards to the troubleshooting as I don’t have too much information as far as what may or may not occur; however, with your situation, I’d say return the camera or exchange it. It should not stay at a red light for that long or continue to blink at the red light.

      One thing that I can mention or suggest is that once it starts blinking in the way that you’ve mentioned, hold down the Wifi button on the camera and see if the color changes to blue. You may have to do that again when it’s blinking blue to get it to green. If in the case the camera doesn’t show up in the registered cameras list at this point, you’ll have to factory reset it and it should pretty much solve everything. If it doesn’t get past the red light no matter what, I’d recommend returning it

      1. I also discovered the same solution as Dan Palace. Using the sd card can be tricky but if you follow his steps exactly I believe it should work for you. You also may have interference from your neighbors which is my problem. I took my camera to a friend’s house and connected with their wifi and the camera worked. Brought it home; it worked beautifully in the room, but when I placed it in the window, it went down within 30 seconds. I have not found a solution to this problem. Good luck with your camera. Hope I have helped in some way.

  4. Thank you so much, this blog fixed my problem, I thought I had a defective camera, I just had to format my card, turn off my camera, place my card, and turn it on again, everything works like a charm.

  5. My smart cam worked perfectly until about 2 weeks ago it quit recording events to the SD card. Now shows the events but no video clips???? KD

  6. Thank you for the info! I received that error, followed the steps above, and it now recognizes my SD card and will record.
    My problem now is at playback: the video screen says it is connecting after I press play, but never plays back the footage from the videos recorded after resetting. The app says Access Failed and that the connection is unstable, though my wifi is full strength and I am able to play back all my previous videos (saved before the original error) without an issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

      1. Jemma,

        Please contact Samsung Tech Center at 877 349 3149 as a rep will be able to further assist you.

        If formatting the SD card did not fix the issue you may have to contact them and see if you are under warranty.

        Kind Regards,

        Soltech Security

  7. I purchased a Samsung Micro SDHC card and it appears it is not being recognized by the camera. The message I get when I try to turn on the option of using the SD Card via the app is: “Purchase an additional SD card and mount it in the camera for use.”

    Do I have to purchase a Micro SD XC card? I thought these were interchangeable. Thank you!

  8. So, the reason I chose Samsung camera and a Samsung Smartthings home hub is because I imagined that the two device, both named ‘smart’ would talk to each other. Well it appears they do for live streaming from the camera to the smartthing hub, but hey, thats not too useful. Wouldn’t it be way better if the motion detect features of the cam could actually trigger some lights to come on, or the radio to burst into life? Apparently they can’t do this.

    I spoke with smart things support. It turns out the smartthings guys don’t have access to the SmartCam APIs. But hang on they both work for Samsung right?

    Would be really useful to get some activity ‘in-house’ as well as working with the competitors.

    Any thoughts on when we might see the events being made available to Smartthings hubs?

    1. Keith,

      I understand the frustration when tech things do not work the way that one feels it should. Regarding SmartThings we have a close relationship with just the Security System aspect of Samsung. Not with R&D. We apologize that we are not able to give you a solid answer. Samsung is ever evolving and changing so these updates may happen in the near future. I would contact Samsung Support to find out a little more.

      We apologize, and Thank you again.

      Kind Regards,

      Soltech Security

  9. I have two of this cameras same problem , I took the mini card from my android samsung phone and tried ,did work. so what I did, I copy the android files that was at my phone card to my computer and from my computer to the not reading cards and work!! just fine.

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