Getting to know my Baby Monitor: Samsung SEW-3037

If you didn’t know already, one of our more popular products aside from your every day security cameras is the baby monitor.

Why is it so popular? Because parents are extremely busy these days and these things are a bit of a life saver when it comes to keeping an eye on the baby while you’re doing your own thing around the house. Once in a while, I get a chance to open up one of our packages and test it out to give our customers a bit of a technical review of the product as opposed to some biased “Buy Our Product” type of review. I would call those advertisements as opposed to reviews. So let me get started.

The object in question here is the Samsung SEW-3037. A little searching on the internet will show you that it has a 3.5″ color LCD screen. The two best functions or most notable functions are the PTZ and the VOX.

PTZ – Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Unlike your standard straight shooting cameras, the cameras that come with this unit actually Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. (Be advised the the zoom function is not an optical zoom by any means. It is a digital one so you’ll be seeing a blow up image of the targeted area).

VOX – Stands for Voice Activated. To keep it short, it basically means that you’re saving battery life on your monitor. The monitor goes to sleep after not detecting significant sounds for a period of a minute. When it does detect some significant sound, the monitor will turn on and hopefully you’re attention will be turned to it.

From my knowledge, there are two versions of this monitor out there as of right now. Some carriers are still carrying the older version and some of the stock left in Amazon is still the older version. I’m going to tell you how to differentiate between the two.

First off, the newer versions do not have a start up sound.


This is a picture of the newer model. How can you tell? The buttons on the right side say it all. The camera button in the middle is now the scan button. You can flip through your cameras by pressing that button, and holding it down for 3 seconds will put the unit to sleep. The ok/zoom button is another change where the zoom is now directly available to you. The night light will activate or deactivate if you hold down that button as well.

I’ve heard of some confusion among parents about their VOX mode not being sensitive enough. Well, there are two levels of sensitivity for the VOX mode. You can actually switch between the Hi and Low levels of sensitivity by going into menu and designating it as such. *In order to adjust the VOX setting, you have to have you monitor in VOX mode before doing anything.


As you can see, the little microphone looking icon is the VOX sensitivity level marker. You can also tell that the VOX mode is active by the status bar on the top right corner that says VOX.

Let’s say you have to repair your camera. It’s quite simple actually The 3rd icon on the menu is your pairing function. (It is not the scanning function as many have mistaken it for.)

You go to that menu option and select the channel that you’d like to pair. After you’ve done that you’ll have a total of 30 seconds to press the pairing button under the camera. The moment you press it, you should see that the camera has paired to that channel. Then you’re all set to go!

I Cannot Stress This Enough! 

Parents! When you order your baby monitor, whether it’s for expecting parents or for baby showers, don’t wait until the baby is born to play around with your camera! You don’t want to buy a camera and wait a few months only to find out that you should’ve returned it and gotten a new one! As with any electronic product, there is always a chance for defects within the system due to the mass production procedure electronics go through. Of course they go through quality control checkpoints, but there are always one or two that get through their checkpoints. You definitely want to open it up and check to make sure everything is working well to avoid losing your chance to replace the item during the valid return periods.

Hopefully this helped you to understand your monitor a bit and receive some feed back from a seller who’s seen the best and the worst.


19 thoughts on “Getting to know my Baby Monitor: Samsung SEW-3037

  1. Thanks for sharing. I really into this baby monitor.The housing is sleek. But I’m not sure about the battery performance. Can it last for 7 hours in power save mode?
    Besides, it’s so hard to find a real optical zoom video baby monitor in the market.

    1. So in the specifications of this monitor, it says that the battery is supposed to last 4.5 hours.
      We haven’t used one to till full consumption but I would say that it’s safe to assume their 4.5 hours was measured on a constantly on status.

      Can it last 7 hours on power saving mode? Possibly but I can’t guarantee it. I would have to say that it would be longer than 4.5 hours but even so, it may not be as long as 7 hours of battery time.
      I will test it out for you and see if that’s the case and let you know via this blog post when I have an answer for you within the next couple of days.

  2. The baby monitors are highly beneficial at time when babies are sleeping. Through these monitors parents can keep eye on their child. Monitors allow the attendants to hear or see when a baby wake ups or cries. For the babies who sleep in their own room, baby monitors would prove to be very much helpful.

  3. Very useful article! I have the older version of the monitor and I’d highly recommend it. We tried a variety of cameras before this and were happiest with this. It’s great that that manufacturer removed the start up sound off the new version; I’d read that was a common complaint so it’s great to see they listened to the consumer!

  4. Thanks for the detailed review of this model. I was looking for the best video baby monitor to buy. After some searches, I ended up with 2 options. The first option is the model being reviewed here and the other is from Foscam. Between the two, which do you recommend? Any suggestion?

    1. I can’t say that one is really better than the other. They both pretty much function in similar ways. My best recommendation would be to purchase both and see which one you like within the return period and return the one that you don’t like. The only reason for that is that certain items from different companies have its different perks, and one or the other may serve you better. This being the case, it is hard for me to recommend one over the other to you.

  5. I was just reading your article and started messing around with my baby monitor, which I use every night!! I selected the menu button and went to the very last option on the screen.. it looks like the symbol for rotation.. it was on no and I moved it to yes and pressed ok to see what it would do.. my monitor screen has now disappeared and I can not get it to show back up.. please email me asap.. I use this every night and bedtime was not the time to mess with it

    1. I would love to email you a solution but I don’t believe you’ve left your email address here. Hopefully you’ll check back and see the comment I’ve left.

      That button or option that you selected basically does a factory reset on the monitor unit. Being the case, you’ll actually reset everything including paring options and whatnot that you’ve set up. If it’s gone black, you should at the very least see a out of range sign on the monitor if you have it on. You’ll simply have to pair your camera again to the monitor and you should be back up and running in no time. However, if you find that there’s nothing showing up on the monitor all together regardless of what you try, I would recommend contacting Samsung’s tech center and see if they have a trouble shooting method for the issue. The reset should only clear previous settings and pairings so if you find that the monitor itself doesn’t work at all, that would be the best solution as far as something I can think of. They can be contacted at 877-349-3149.

  6. Hello I have owned my monitor for a over a year now and while it is on it just started blinking from completely black to the regular screen every 2 or 3 sevonds and it has a moon at the top of the screen when it does it. What can I do about it?

  7. Hello. It´s possible to connect another device ( phone, tab ) to my security babe monitor Samsung SEW-3037W.
    Samsung SEW-3037W doesnt show any info SSID for broadcasting or channels.

  8. After 1 year of using without problems my sew 3041w started changing between normal and night vision mode erratically. This happens only when it should be working in night mode. It seems this is a known issue with the sensor as i found many similar posts over the internet. No explanation yet from soltech or samsung…

  9. I just set up a second camera and changed to scan. When it gets to the third and fourth screens, which do not have a camera paired with them, it beeps and says out of range. I’d like for it to only scan through cameras one and two. Is this possible?

  10. I also had the same issue that Cate had with the second camera in scan mode. Also, is it possible to have two cameras paired and then use the VOX mode so that when a noise is heard, the camera in that room is the one shown on the monitor? I couldn’t seem to do that either. Seems like a very necessary function with two kids.

  11. I have the same problem as Courtney. I figured out how to remove the unnecessary cameras from the scan mode. First of all, the two cameras should be paired to the monitor as camera 1 and 2. Then go to the pairing function on the monitor, select camera 3 and do not press the pair button on the camera. Let the monitor time out as it attempts to pair. Repeat for camera 4.

    To reiterate Courtney’s second question “Is it possible to have two cameras paired and then use the VOX mode so that when a noise is heard, the camera in that room is the one shown on the monitor?”

    Soltech Security please let us know if there is a trick. Thank you

  12. Hi! I wish I had seen your post earlier, you answered the big questions I stumbled into quite well. I was wondering, do you have any idea what might cause the camera to suddenly go way out of focus? One day it was fine and the next the display on the monitor is super fuzzy. I can’t seem to find any button or function to focus the camera. Any ideas on what could be causing this / how to fix it? Thanks!

    1. I have the exact same problem, one day it was fine and now the display on the monitor is super fuzzy out of focus. Does anyone know how to fix that? Is it the lens that needs cleaning or adjusting?

      1. Ana,

        Please contact Samsung Tech Center at 877 349 3149 as a dedicated representative will be able to further assist you on this matter.

        Kind Regards,

        Soltech Security

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