The SNH-1011N and the Refurbished Samsung Smartcam V2.0: looks the same, but something’s different.

Newly Released Refurbished Units Only available through Soltech Security

The SNH-1011N and the Refurbished Samsung Smartcam V2.0: looks the same, but something’s different.

The SNH-1011N was one of the earlier IP camera models that was released by Samsung. They designed it be to simple, sleek, and easy to set up for the regular consumer. As it turns out, the original wasn’t so simple. With this issue and that issue, what began as a great idea simply led to frustrations, one after another. What was supposed to be a wireless camera required a wired connection in order to be set up along with a few other issues as well. I will not bore you with the problems it had back then, but these refurbished units are definitely something else. What’s changed? Only a few things, but those few things have made this product a whole lot better. 

The biggest and best change that came about with these refurbished units was the Direct Wi-Fi capability. This allows users to directly connect to their wireless networks without the hassle of setting it up while connected to your router and then having to move it to your desired location. As small of a move as that may seem, the convenience factor increases quite a bit. As the booting time may be a bit longer than you like, having to plug the camera in the general vicinity of where you’d like to set it up allows you to get your video feed and never have to move the camera more than where you started. 

Another big change is the LED status lights. Before, there were times on the SNH-1011N where the status lights would confuse users and you’d never really know if you got yours to work or not. Now there are definitive answers to what your LED lights are trying to say to you. We at Soltech have made YouTube tutorials and guides based on how we’ve used it and how we’ve set it up to show you how user friendly it is. Many times a lot of guides and tutorials only show you the best of the best situations. We’ve made the video so that it’s actually us setting the camera up and us signing up for the camera as well. 

So before you decide to purchase this IP camera, be sure you know what you’re getting!

A quick reminder when buying this unit: The newly refurbished units with the V.2.0 firmware is sold exclusively by Soltech. We’ve received these units directly from Samsung and as such these units can only be found through us. We sell on eBay and Amazon. What’s even better is the it qualifies for Free Ground Shipping on both Amazon(also Amazon Prime Eligible) and eBay! For a short period of time we’re offering this steal of a deal for $59 with free shipping! Doesn’t get much better than that. 

-Soltech Security


4 thoughts on “The SNH-1011N and the Refurbished Samsung Smartcam V2.0: looks the same, but something’s different.

  1. I just bought from Amazon two units of refurbished Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011. When I tried to set it up using wireless method, the SN No. could not be recognized. What should I do about it?

    1. One method would be to set it up all the way until the light is green and reset it. Usually that helps to fix that issue.
      Another method that I’ve found to be an easier method is to set it up with your phone if you haven’t done so already. I’d reset the cameras and see if you can set them up via that wireless option with your phone.
      For some reason, the mobile app seems to be able to pick up the cameras much better than the desktop website.

      Best Regards,
      Soltech Security

      1. Thanks for your reply.I have successfully activated one unit and is using it. When I transferred it to a new lication I noticed that just this morning the color of the image is a bit tinge with violet, instead of clear whitish. Any suggestion?

  2. I don’t know if this matters to you. The unit with the bad quality in image and sound was contained in a box that was small, crumpled. all white without any markings, showing that it is a Samsung product, unlike the other unit. The ac adaptor also had no yellow tags. I tried to go to the set up menu, yet the image still is whitish violet and has a low audio quality and has that irritating sound like a motor running! I felt bad about it!

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