Changes in Home Security

When I think back to home security, or even any type of security as a matter of fact, I’m always reminded of The Great Wall of China. I’m sure there are plenty more examples that date further back, but the greatest example of security in my opinion falls on The Great Wall of China. In an effort to keep people out they constructed a wall tall and strong enough to sure them of that security. Fire systems were also put in place where a fire from one post would let others know of an event, resulting in a chain reaction that would alert the rest of their “security system.”

The Great Wall is New and Old
The Great Wall is New and Old

Even if you think about the late firewall system we have in place for our internet services, doesn’t it remind you of The Great Wall as well?

Looking back to American history, the alarm system reminds me of Paul Revere and this famous “The British are coming!” quote. To run around and yell that at the top of your lungs is no different from someone breaking into your alarm-ready house triggering the alarm that seems to echo through not only your house but also the rest of the town.

Yelling just so everyone can hear!
Yelling just so everyone can hear!

And of course with the alarm systems we have our false alarms, or the boy who cried wolf…

texting wolf...sigh
texting wolf…sigh

In our case, coming back to the present, it would be the boy who texted wolf…

Home security has come a long way. From merely building walls we’ve come to monitoring live video feeds from the comfort of our homes, smartphones, remote laptops, and so on. False alarms have been toned down by the ability to monitor before alert. Word of mouth type of alarms have become smartphone alerts and mere phone calls. Alarms have become connected with police responses.

Sure we can go back and do what they did in the past. We can build a moat around the house with a draw bridge allowing only those we allow, but why not control the door with your smart phone instead?


Spare keys? You can now send keys with a expiration time to those who need a spare key for a set time. The idea of security is changing. Convenience has put its foot forward and security is following suit. We may look at our current systems later and laugh at how primitive our ideas were but for now, this is what’s new. This is what’s trending. History will only repeat itself in the security industry with a mere change of face in the distant future.


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