Good Customer service makes a BIG Difference

Definitely don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but I think it’s worth sharing. A daily prompt from last week asked of the the most dreadful (or most wonderful) experience as a customer. I’m not sure if our customer (will be explained later) has a WordPress account so I wanted to thank him and give a bit of his story on our blog.

First things first. I’ve only been with our company here for roughly 4 months now, and I have yet to see a customer service team this nice to their customers. Am I bragging? Sure! I may as well! We have three members in our customer service division, and I still haven’t seen them miss a call. They pick up the phone with a bright demeanor and end the call with a very satisfied customer.

As a retailer of baby monitors as well as many other things, our customers are very much focused on having their products work because a malfunction could mean certain dangers for their family members. Whether its a baby monitor, security system, or door lock, everything is bought for the sake of safety and as a result, malfunctions can be very irritating and troublesome. Even still, our customers hang up the phone happy, sometimes even surprised at our willingness to help.

We had arranged a return for one of our customers, and he must have loved the customer service quite a bit because in the box there was the return product and a short handwritten letter. I applaud our customer support team in the constant effort to be patient, kind and understanding.

Handwritten letter. It definitely brightened up our day :D
Handwritten letter. It definitely brightened up our day 😀

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