The Sky is the Limit

Well…So we thought. With the emergence of cloud servicing, we no longer know if the sky is the limit; pun intended. 

Samsung Techwin’s latest development as far as IP cameras go has resulted in what we call the PetCam. I’ve written a post on it before and you are more than welcome to go check it out if you’re interested (


The IP camera system is not new, but is definitely the direction I can see most systems going in the near future. The trend of technology is moving more towards not having anything that could be possibly considered bulky. We want things smaller, and if not smaller, then nonexistent. Cellphones have gone from the bulky surge protector look to slim post-it looking things. I’ve seen cellphones the size of almonds, but that’s not very useful. 

So this new IP camera is what we would consider to be “wireless” except for the power cord feature. The camera connects to your WiFi and transmits video feeds to Samsung Techwin’s dedicated server so that the viewer can stream the videos through a remote computer or remote device such as the iPhone or Android phones. It’s definitely convenient when you think about being on the road and wanting to check up on your house or office. The other convenience factor is the fact that there is no bulky DVR sitting in your room recording videos onto a hard drive. I’ve had customers show me their phones at the Las Vegas Show we went to recently with video feed coming straight from their office in a different state being streamed right to their phone apps. I’ve also had people asking for completely wireless DVR security systems, so the demand is definitely there. 

The great thing about these IP cameras is that they also have a Cloud storage system available. Why is this great? Since IP cameras only offer streaming options, the video feed is actually not recorded anywhere. It’s great when you want to see what’s currently happening, but going back to review video footage is not available other than the 30 second Youtube videos that go up based on your settings. 

The Cloud storage service is a monthly service and with our IP cameras, it only comes out to $5 dollars a month. If storage and review is not a great concern for you, the IP camera becomes merely a one time purchase with constant video feed. If you have instances where you want to review your video, you can subscribe for the Cloud storage service in which the videos are stored up in the clouds, away from the burglars who mainly steal DVR boxes. So for a small price a month, you can have your video feed be stored in a safe storage system void of hard drive failure and theft. 


Why is this so great you ask? Well there are a few reasons.

1. Your video is stored elsewhere rather than on-site, making it hard, if not impossible for intruders or burglars to tamper with the system. 

2. The price is cheap! It’s almost like paying for a storage unit with your own personal lock along with additional security. You choose to open and check whenever you want.

3. It’s accessible when you have internet. If you have a smartphone or a computer that is connected to the internet, your stored files are available to you at any time. 

4. Need additional storage? All you pay is an upgrade fee with an increased monthly payment rather than paying close to $800 to upgrade to a new system with a larger hard drive. 

So the benefits are there. As the Cloud storage system is still fairly new, more and more improvements are definitely on the way. You may end up seeing everything stored on Cloud in the future but not just yet. The system itself is being constantly updated and upgraded as time progresses and will be perfected in the years to come. Bulky security systems will become a thing of the past and IP cameras utilizing Cloud storage will become the future.

We thought the sky was the limit, but apparently with technology it is not the case. We’ve hit the clouds and the the sky seems to be relatively in reach. I guess you can say it is limitless as long as our imagination can handle it. So definitely keep an eye out for these types of products because they definitely will be a part of our lives in the future; I can almost guarantee it.

Best Regards,

Soltech Security


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