Making things difficult for the everyday burglar

About two posts ago, I wrote about quirky, yet effective, ways to provide yourself with some security at home. This would be somewhat of a continuation of some sorts to that post. 

Most burglaries happen under 5 to 10 minutes. Any longer than that would probably mean:

1. You have no means of security

2. No one noticed the break-in

3. You just have way too much for these burglars to steal. 

Whatever the case may be, most cases of burglaries occur fairly fast. As burglars, these people want to get in fast and get out fast. This minimizes the factor of being caught by neighbors or by police. When these robberies take too long, the fear of getting caught gradually increases and the desire to leave is stronger than the desire to steal. There are no real substantial numbers to support these claims but common sense tells me that this is probably correct if not somewhat accurate. 


There are a few things you can probably do to make life difficult for these robbers while you’re either at work or away from the house. 

1. Build something that looks like a camera with a red light. 

This will probably make them think that they’re being watched and that an alarm has most likely been tripped.

2. Buy a fake motion detector. Everyone knows what a motion detector looks like and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t make noise. Place them in the corners of the rooms and make it seem like you’re connected to a security provider that has probably detected their motion and called the police.

3. Put valuables in a lock box.

Not only do you put valuables in a lock box, but tie it down to something ridiculously heavy. If you have metal wiring, even better! They may carry a knife around for standard cutting or whatnot, but a wire cutter, probably not.

4. Buy an alarm

Buy a simple alarm that hooks up to your door that goes off within a few seconds if not disarmed. The sound of the alarm itself is enough to startle the robbers and place fear in their minds about someone within the neighborhood hearing it. 




5. Buy another smoke detector

Sounds somewhat out of place in this list, right? Wrong. Smoke detectors will produce a beeping noise when low on battery. Find a used battery that’s low on juice and plug it into your smoke detector placed near by a motion detector (if you followed option 2) and make it seem like their movements within the house is actually causing a sensor to go off. 


It really is only a few steps that I can think of but I’m sure people have more creative ways of making life difficult for these guys that make our lives difficult as well. Be creative! There are plenty of ways to create your own security system and save money. If you’ve got the budget and want cameras, then we’d love to sell them to you. But if it’s just too much, well creativity is free so money well saved.

Happy Wednesday! 


Soltech Security


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